Call to help tackle hate crime

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Posters and beer mats urging people to “blow time on hate crime” are being sent to pubs throughout the North Kesteven district to display while the Euro 2016 football competition continues.

Many establishments are showing live games throughout the tournament, which got under way on Friday.

North Kesteven District Council recently signed up to a countywide Hate and Mate Crime Charter, to help raise awareness of these types of offence, with the posters and beer mats being part of that drive.

A hate crime is any criminal offence where the victim has been targeted because of their race or ethnicity, religion or beliefs, gender or gender identity, disability, age, sexual orientation, or any other actual or perceived difference.

It can take many forms, including physical attacks, threats, verbal abuse and even murder, as well as neighbour disputes, arson, graffiti, intimidation or harassment, bullying and cyber bullying.

Anyone who wants to report a hate crime anonymously can contact Stop Hate – an organisation working to challenge all forms of hate crime and discrimination.

It offers independent and confidential support for victims, witnesses and third parties – contact number is 0800 138 1625.