Dangerous vandals sprinkle nails outside house in Heckington

Police news.
Police news.

Police are calling for a campaign of dangerous vandalism to stop after several incidents where hundreds of nails have been scattered across a couple’s driveway.

Officers are taking the matter very seriously after reports of nails thrown across the driveway on Sleaford Road, Heckington.

They say this mindless act has caused considerable damage to vehicle tyres.

The nails which have clearly been placed on the driveway purposely also spread onto the road causing an extremely dangerous hazard for all road users.

PCSO Patrick Welby said the residents targeted do not want to be identified.

He said: “The people are quite well known around the area and I am not sure what has happened but someone has taken issue with them, although they do not know who it could be or why.”

PCSO Welby said on the occasion he attended the property about 150-200 roofing felt nails had been spread across the entrance to the drive and said: “Our concern is they get sprinkled over the driveway and get spread onto the road.

“The lady living there told me it was bad enough for them as they have had to replace seven tyres on their two vehicles, but someone could come down the road at speed and pick up the nails and have an accident.

“A horse could pick them up too and throw a rider. There are dog walkers, cyclists and children that pass by.

“We are taking this very seriously. The person has obviously thought about it carefully - the type of nail will flick over and into the tyre easily. It may be to target one person but they are putting others at risk.”

Police are reviewing CCTV and more security measures are being put in place.

If caught, the culprit would be facing charges of criminal damage but also other charges if someone is hurt in an accident caused by these actions.

“We are most concerned with making sure no-one gets hurt,” said PCSO Welby. “They are putting other people at risk and damaging people’s property.”

If you have any information contact Lincolnshire Police on 101 quoting incident 314 of 10/05/15.