Don’t let criminals steal your Christmas

With Christmas now almost upon us, Lincolnshire Police is reminding people to ensure their personal and home security remains a priority as part of its #SaferChristmas campaign.

There are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the possibility of becoming the victim of crime over the Christmas period.

Don't let burglars spoil your Christmas. EMN-191012-173258001

Don't let burglars spoil your Christmas. EMN-191012-173258001

When you are out shopping:

Be aware of what is going on around you and ensure your purse or wallet, telephone and anything of value are out of sight. If you have a handbag make sure it is secure and do not leave it undone or unattended, especially when in crowded shops or supermarkets.

Only carry the cards and cash that you need and take care when entering your PIN at ATM machines and shopping outlets – make sure no one is looking over your shoulder.

Consider where you park your car, especially if it will be dark when you return. If you can, park your vehicle in a secure car park – look for the ParkMark signs – visit for accredited car parks.

If you have to return to your car to drop off bags before continuing with your shopping, just take a moment to make sure you are not being watched, make sure the shopping is out of view in the boot, the car is locked and it is a good idea to keep the receipts with you – do not leave them in the shopping bags.

When driving in built-up areas if you have bags on the car seats it is a good idea to lock the doors.

At Home

However tempting it is do not leave presents under your Christmas tree if they are visible to passers-by.

Do not keep large amounts of cash at home.

Ensure you lock doors, windows and, if you have one, set your intruder alarm.

Make your home look as occupied as possible – consider your home security.

If your car has “keyless entry” consider purchasing a faraday type bag/signal blocking pouch for your car keys to prevent thieves using relay attack devises.

Consider your cyber security – we tend to purchase many more items over the internet at Christmas time – always think twice before you “click” for more information visit

After Christmas

Many of us will have new expensive items after Christmas. Do not advertise what you have by putting packaging outside – dispose of it carefully. Break down any packaging/boxes fold them and place in your wheelie bin.

If you see anything suspicious call 101.

If you witness a crime in progress call 999.

If you have any information about any crime you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 – no personal details are taken, information cannot be traced and you will not go to court.

For more information contact your local Crime Reduction Tactical Advisor – email or ring 07867936487.