Don’t park in school safety zones, say Sleaford police

William Alvey Primary School, Sleaford. EMN-150416-154537001
William Alvey Primary School, Sleaford. EMN-150416-154537001

Sleaford police are warning motorists not to park in designated School Safety Zones after moving on seven parents’ cars causing an obstruction outside William Alvey Primary School today (Wednesday).

PCSO Patrick Welby-Everard said: “We are wanting to remind new parents about not parking on the yellow safety zones around Sleaford schools.

“I have been to William Alvey School today and it was horrendous.

“School safety zones are there for a reason - as a buffer to protect children crossing the road outside school, not as a parking space for parents. It is there to keep vehicles away from the front of the school so that children can see and be seen rather than having to walk out from between parked cars.

“Picking up a child is not an excuse.”

He said he would be speaking to the county council about getting the traffic wardens down to enforce the zone but insisted he does not want to see people being ticketed - just avoid parking there.

PCSO Welby-Everard suggested nearby car parks off Boston Road and Eastgate that parents could use instead to make the area safer.