Driver so under the influence of drugs he could barely stand jailed for five months

Court news.
Court news.

A motorist was so much under the influence of drugs that he could barely stand up when police approached him, a court heard.

Oleg Zabkovs, 40, of Newfield Road, Sleaford, admitted charges at Lincoln Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday) of driving while unfit through drugs and careless driving as a result of the incident on February 7. He also admitted a Bail Act offence by failing to appear at court last week. He was jailed for a total of five months and banned from driving for three years.

Zabkovs attracted attention of other drivers as he made his way in his Mercedes car along the A15.

Mark Knowles, prosecuting, said that other vehicles had to take avoiding action and at times he crossed into the wrong carriageway: “He was swerving across the road, stopping and then speeding up. His driving was erratic and unpredictable.”

Mr Knowles said that Zabkovs eventually stopped on the brow of a hill near to Cranwell in such a way that other vehicles found it impossible to pass him.

A queue built up and when police arrived at the scene Zabkovs emerged from his car.

“It was more luck than anything else that there wasn’t any collision.

“As he left the car he stumbled backwards. He was having to hold the side of the car to stand upright. He was staring as if in a trance. His speech was slurred and he was unable to control his limbs.”

Mr Knowles said that Zabkovs, who said he had just come from Sleaford, gave a negative breath test at the scene. Officers searched him and found two packages of a ‘legal high’.

Zabkovs was arrested and a urine test later revealed the presence of cannabis.

Judge Michael Heath told him: “It is amazing that no collision took place. It is by good fortune that nobody was injured.”

Chris Milligan, defending, said Zabkovs had bought what he believed to be legal high cigarettes from a shop in Lincoln but it appeared they had been laced with cannabis.

“He does not drink alcohol. He had been using these legal high cigarettes before the incident took place.”

He said Zabkovs suffers from chronic stomach pains and urged that he should not be given an immediate jail sentence as he cares for his disabled wife and his children.