Drivers warned not to use a village near Sleaford as a ‘rat run’ or face fines


Police are warning motorists using routes through a village near Sleaford as a ‘rat run’ are breaking the law.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman issued a statement today (Wednesday) saying: “We are aware that some motorists are using routes through Harmston as a ‘rat run’ to avoid the permanent traffic lights at the cross roads with the A607 Grantham Road and the B1178.

“Doing so breaches the ‘no entry except for access’ signs at all the entrances into the village. This means that unless a motorist has a legitimate need to enter the village they are committing an offence.”

The red-rimmed circular signs bearing images of a motorcycle and car are positioned at the ends of High Street and Vicarage Lane in the village due to the narrow built up residential streets through the village’s centre.

The spokesman went on: “We have carried out observations at these junctions which have highlighted the extent of the problem. Our officers will be carrying out random checks on those entering the village to raise awareness that the route is strictly for access only.”

Anyone caught passing through who does not have a legitimate reason for doing so is warned they will receive a written warning and be directed back to the Harmston cross roads.

If a motorist chooses to disregard a warning they will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice for which they will receive a fine of £100 and three points on their driving licence.