Further vandalism on recreation ground at Billingborough

The damaged bench in Billoingborough. EMN-160809-174649001
The damaged bench in Billoingborough. EMN-160809-174649001

After vandalism earlier this summer holidays, there have been more reports of vandalism on the recreation ground at Billingborough.

Billingborough Neighbourhood Policing Team has reported that on Sunday night benches at the Recreation Ground in the village were sprayed with graffiti and smashed up.

A police spokesman said: “If you can assist in our investigation to identify the offenders please call 101 referring to incident 172.”

He added: “No one made these people treat their neighbourhood with such disrespect other than those who did this. Those who commit crime have to take responsibility. No excuses.”

In response to the appeal on the team’s Facebook page, resident Jane Webb commented: “There were a group of lads throwing rocks at each other near my house. I asked them to move on and they ran off, then later walked past my house and threw grit and stones at my door!

“Been here 14 years and never had any problems until now.”

According to Billingborough Parish Council, in June the brand new picnic tables and benches in the Recreation Ground were damaged with obscene graffiti from an aerosol can. On the evening of July 14 a seat was completely broken off one of the tables which are of very strong construction.

The next day there was criminal damage requiring “considerable strength” to an expensive drive light in Folkingham Road and a car number plate was removed.

A parish council statement said: “We have asked the police for evening patrols. Please be sure to dial 101 to inform the police of any damage, events or suspicion as it is only by connecting these events that the culprits will be caught.”