Jury hears of police interview of woman accused of assisting friend’s suicide

Emma Crossman.
Emma Crossman.

A woman from the Sleaford-area on trial for assisting the suicide of her best friend admitted buying the item which she used to kill herself, a court was told today (Thursday).

A jury was played a recording of Amelia Caller’s first police interview in which she told detectives ‘I didn’t know she had done it’.

The 22-year-old from Great Hale, near Sleaford, is accused of helping her best friend, Emma Crossman, 21, to kill herself.

Lincoln Crown Court was told Caller was questioned by police after she discovered Miss Crossman dead at her terrace home in Leicester Street, Sleaford, on the morning of Wednesday, January 15, last year.

During her first police interview just hours after finding her friend, Caller admitted purchasing the item, namely gas, which Miss Crossman used to commit suicide.

A series of text and Facebook messages exchanged between the two women discussing how Miss Crossman would take her own life were read out in court.

One message from Caller suggested the pair have ‘one final day out for best friends’.

Another from Caller said: “I keep thinking what kind of mate murders her own best friend.”

Caller told police she received a final message from Emma during the early hours of January 15, last year.

She said: “I think the last message was 12.55am saying she was trying it again.”

Caller explained she did not tell anybody else and assumed that Emma was asleep because a message she sent her at 4am showed as being seen.

“I didn’t know she had done it,” Caller said.

“I wish I had rung the ambulance now.”

Caller told police Emma was laughing and joking when she last saw her two days before her death but admitted she had previously discussed killing herself.

“On Sunday she told me she was going to do it on Wednesday. I thought it would give me a few days to get round there and take it off her.”

Caller said Emma had previously taken an overdose of tablets and had discussed them both jumping in front of a train.

Caller denies encouraging or assisting in the suicide of Emma Crossman between January 12 and 15 2014 in a charge brought under the 1961 Suicide Act.

The trial continues.