Lincolnshire Police chief says they are facing a “serious challenge” over funding as figures show double-digit rise in violent crimes

Chief Constable Bill Skelly. EMN-171020-111128001
Chief Constable Bill Skelly. EMN-171020-111128001

The Chief Constable of Lincolnshire, Bill Skelly says police are facing a “serious challenge” over resources as he reacted to yesterday’s (Thursday) Office of National Statistics figures showing that police-recorded crime has risen by 13 per cent across England and Wales with double digit increases in violent crimes.

As National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Crime Recording and Statistics, Chief Constable Skelly said: “The ONS figures show a 13 per cent rise in police-recorded crime and worrying double digit increases in violent crimes. I want to reassure people reading this news that the police service continues to do all it can to reduce harm in our communities.”

Lincolnshire has seen an eight per cent increase in crime overall compared with the national average increase of 13 per cent, according to the report.

In line with this, a police spokesman said the county was reflecting the national trends but to a lesser degree.

Mr Skelly said: “Police forces with significant rises in knife crime, firearms offences and the linked homicides are doing their utmost to halt the supply of weapons and stop, search and arrest those who get hold of them. But we’ve also got to address why people turn to violence; and particularly why some young people feel that carrying a knife will keep them safer, when it actually puts them at greater risk of being injured or killed.

“Policing is part of that effort, working with the communities affected, Government and organisations with the right expertise.

“Policing is now facing a serious challenge - rising crime that’s more complex in nature, an unprecedented terror threat, real term funding cuts to forces and officers at 1985 levels. We continue to talk with the Government about these issues.”