Lincolnshire Police list numbers used by fraudsters claiming to be officers

Lincolnshire Police initially investigated the death
Lincolnshire Police initially investigated the death

Lincolnshire Police have issued a list of phone numbers linked to recent reports imposters contacting residents claiming to be police officers to scam money from them.

The force warns that fraudsters target vulnerable people preying on their fears by impersonating police officers and claiming they have had money stolen.

Victims are often told to withdraw large amounts of cash to hand over to a police officer who will visit their address to collect it, at a later time.

Several incidents were reported in the Grantham area. This included one victim was convinced to withdraw several thousand pounds but this was not handed over.

In another call the fraudsters claimed to be calling from “Scotland Yard Fraud Office”.

In another, the fraudster claimed to be from Grantham CID and tried to convince the resident that her card had been used fraudulently in London.

Nick Bates, of Preventing Financial Fraud and an Operation Revive Coordinator with Lincolnshire Police, said: “We are doing all we can to raise awareness about this type of fraud because it’s one of the most distressing for victims because, by its very nature, it targets people who are vulnerable.

“Police will never ask you to ever buy anything or hand over cash to an officer so if you are asked to do that you are likely to be talking to a criminal. Please do not do as they ask and report that to us immediately.

“If you have any friends or family who are elderly or vulnerable please pass this message on to them to make them aware.”

If you have been contacted by anyone claiming to be a police officer who is asking you to buy goods or hand over cash, or would like to report anything of this nature to authorities, call 101 or report to Action Fraud on 0300 1232040.

The force has have collated all the numbers sent in as a result of the bogus phone caller alert and these are listed below. If you have a call blocker, you are advised to add them to your list. These numbers are ‘as given’ from members of the public. Ensure any vulnerable family members or friends are advised of the numbers too.

Current numbers being used across the Lincolnshire region (newest at the top):

01436 820202

02030 501320

02030 6579316

01372 311500

01286 681416

01985 976098

01285 431621

01527 853440

01243 863163

01708 742463

01708 762864

02116 592377


203 290 3357


01529 731485

0181 2711 253

020134 64964

01522 522 847

02030 501330

01163 183206

0800 5008888

01826 539470

02893 340776

01784 565665

01258 96512

0207 9271983

01283 660276

01939 87409