Lincolnshire Police offer advice for trick or treaters and bonfire night

No trick or treat posters are available from local police to download. EMN-181029-144106001
No trick or treat posters are available from local police to download. EMN-181029-144106001

Today is October 31, meaning that the cold, dark nights are upon us, and the spooky season has returned!

Over the next few days, and in particular tonight, many of us will be out and about celebrating the season whether it be for Halloween celebrations, or firework displays at the weekend.

Lincolnshire Police is issuing advice in the hope everyone has as much fun as possible, but encouraging people to be safe and mindful of other people when out and about.

For parents and carers:

Please don’t let children go trick or treating by themselves, make sure they have an adult with them, they are in a group and they only go to houses they know.

Please make sure that houses with a ‘no trick or treaters poster’ on the door are not disturbed - be mindful of other people, particular those who may be vulnerable and could feel intimidated.

Be careful when exploring in the dark – remember that there will still be the usual amount of traffic on the roads, and people travelling from work and to other commitments.

Remind all children to take care of themselves, and never enter a house on the invite of a stranger

For residents:

You can follow the link at the bottom of this article to download a no trick or treaters poster. If you do not wish to have any trick or treaters at your property, let them know by putting up the poster.

If you are happy for trick or treaters to visit, light up the front of your house, remove any trip hazards and harmful items, such as candles.

Be vigilant when answering the door – make sure you know exactly who you are answering the door to.

If you are uneasy, have a phone number handy for a relative or a neighbour who can keep an eye on you.

Be careful when driving – be aware that children may be crossing the road, and in their excitement may not be looking.

If you are holding a house party or a bonfire party, please ensure your home is secure – remember to lock the front door when everyone is out in the garden.

If you are going out, make your home look as occupied as possible.

Please ring 101 with any concerns, or 999 in an emergency.

For shop-keepers:

If your business decides not to sell eggs, please download and use the poster available on the link below. It is up to you if you decide not to sell flour or eggs to under 16s.

If you have any concerns, call 101 or 999 in an emergency.

The police warns any anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. “This is a night to celebrate all things creepy and spooky, but not an excuse to commit anti-social offences that cause concerns to residents. If anyone has any concerns, they are encouraged to call 101 or 999 in an emergency.”

The link to all the available posters can be found here.