Missing pony Buddy is found and returned to Sleaford

Buddy the pony. EMN-150421-183956001
Buddy the pony. EMN-150421-183956001

A missing pony believed stolen from Holdingham, near Sleaford has been found and is recovering at home after his ordeal.

Buddy, the four year old Shetland pony is believed to have been taken from his paddock at Holdingham on Friday night and owner Julie Holmes of Sleaford had reported the incident to police.

The pony is ridden by Mrs Holme’s niece Chloe, also aged four, and she had been heartbroken since he went missing.

She said: “There is no way he could have escaped as there are no holes in the fence which is wire mesh with a padlock on a metal gate.”

The family took to Facebook and appealed to everyone to help find him with the appeal being shared around the country (as described in our front page story in tomorrow’s Sleaford Standard). Police had been searching for the missing pony too.

Then last night (Monday) Mrs Holmes said she received an anonymous call that a pony fitting Buddy’s description had been seen in a back garden in Brant Broughton. She suspects with all the publicity whoever had taken Buddy has chosen to abandon him, leaving him to fend for himself with the potential of him being hit by a vehicle or eating the wrong thing.

A friend of a friend who knew of the appeal then spotted the pony loose in fields around the village.

Mrs Holmes said: “We went with police to go and catch him. He was very wary and we had to bribe him with some food, but finally caught him at about 3.30pm today.”

She said: “We are really relieved to say the least and Chloe is very chatty and smiley to get her pony back. He seemed to have had plenty to eat, but was just thirsty and dirty.

“We all just feel drained by the experience. I was hoping we would find him but it is thanks to the power of Facebook and we say a big thank you to everyone who shared it. Without people’s tip-offs we would not have found him.”