Neighbourhood Watch committee for Sleaford and District to disband

Neighbourhood Watch News.
Neighbourhood Watch News.

It has just been announced that the Sleaford and District Neighbourhood Watch Committee has folded due to lack of support.

Its Lead Co-ordinator, David Simpson told The Standard: “This will not affect the running of all the 165 or so Watches in our area and our helpline on will remain live for a year for our Watches to use for local advice.

“Help and assistance for all Watch Coordinators will still be available from the police on 01522 558131.”

Mr Simpson said it was with sadness that he informed watch co-ordinators within the Sleaford and District area that due to lack of support the district committee has had no option but to cease operations.

He said: “For the past seven months we have been working in the background to try to assess the necessity and relevance of the committee. It has become clear that very few of our co-ordinators have had need of the services we offer and thus we have become irrelevant to the good functioning of the various Watches.”

He continued that with diminishing resources organisations like Neighbourhood Watch had to be prepared to change and a rigid centralised structure now seemed out of place.

Mr Simpson said: “The closure of the committee need have no effect at all on individual Watches, for you (the watches) it is business as usual. If you need help or support the capable staff at police HQ will do all they can to help.” With the potential reduction in funding for new Neighbourhood Watch signs from North Kesteven District Council, the Neighbourhood Watch Association would have fund for the next year to help new Watches with signs and projects, after which time the money would pass to the county Neighbourhood Watch organisation or the police force. Any watch in need of such help should contact of via the Community Support team at police HQ.

Mr Simpson concluded: “Finally, I would like to thank all past members of the committee for their work and commitment, without you nothing would have happened. I would also wish to thank all the staff at Nettleham and the County Committee for their help, support and advice. To all co-ordinators, you are the important people, keep your own area safe and active. Good luck.”