Overgrown area in Sleaford village cleared after reports of ‘outdoor sexual activity’

The cleared site in Harmston.
The cleared site in Harmston.
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An area of dense vegetation in a village near Sleaford, reportedly used for ‘outdoor sexual activity’, has been cleared, Lincolnshire Police has reported.

The force says it had received several reports from local residents that the area near Tower Lane, in Harmston, had been used as a site for ‘outdoor sexual activity by men and women’.

A spokesman said: “Information provided to the police was gratefully received but was often limited, meaning enforcement of public decency legislation was difficult.”

Officers carried out increased high-visibility patrols in the vicinity and police vehicles were put in place in the area to act as a deterrent.

However, with the area overgrown with thick bushes, some around 8ft in height surrounding the central area, further steps have now been taken.

North Kesteven District Council, the Highways Agency and police have cleared the area, leaving only trees at the site.

It is expected that the area will be maintained as such in the future.

The spokesman added: “We hope that local residents can now use the area free of worry.”