Police issue day-long dispersal order to combat hare coursing in Lincolnshire

Hare coursing EMN-161221-160701001
Hare coursing EMN-161221-160701001

Lincolnshire Police have authorised a dispersal order for the county to prevent communities being subjected to crime and disorder surrounding illegal activities of hare coursing.

The authorisation runs from 9.14am to 7pm this evening and has been authorised due to the high volume of hare coursing related incidents called in by members of the community, across the county.

The force says hare coursing is a criminal activity which has seen members of the public harassed and distressed and instants of crime and disorder.

The use of the dispersal power is felt necessary to remove or reduce the likelihood of crime and disorder in the county by those involved in illegal hare coursing and to remove the likelihood of members of the public being victims of crime.

Officers can direct a person to leave the area and not to return within a certain time, they can also be asked to surrender certain items if it is believed they are used for hare coursing.

Failure to comply with the dispersal order is also a criminal offence.

The action is part of Operation Galileo, aimed at tackling hare coursing within the county and to work with rural communities, and adjoining forces to address the associated crime, disorder and harassment hare coursing brings.