Police warn against summer explorers

The Bass Maltings, in Sleaford.
The Bass Maltings, in Sleaford.

Police are re-issuing warnings to keep away from the derelict Bass Maltings in Sleaford as they see a sharp rise in call-outs to intruders with the arrival of warmer weather.

PCSO Patrick Welby told The Standrad last week that things were getting worse with the nicer evenings attracting young people to explore the disused industrial brewery buildings.

Bass Maltings EMN-140423-105944001

Bass Maltings EMN-140423-105944001

He said on Thursday: “Since the recent appearance on television with the drone camera aircraft we have seen a few more incidents going on there with youths getting in for devilment or curiosity or to take photos. In the last few days we have had three or four calls a day to the site.

“It is causing problems for us as we have to put precious resources into attending these incidents and putting everyone at risk.

“The other day kids were seen running across the raised gantries between the blocks. Several buildings are gutted by fire and starting to crack and decay. The floors are unsafe in some areas and they fall from the raised boardwalks, which are made of steel runners and old wooden boards, there is nothing to break their fall for a good 40 to 50 feet.”

He warned that if people were caught trespassing they would be dealt with fully.

PCSO Welby warned: “People can get lost in there and if injured it would take a mountain rescue team to search the whole place.”

Intruders risk being arrested for being on an enclosed premises, criminal damage, burglary and trespassing. He said emergency services are put at risk too by going in to search for these people. “If we catch anyone there we will deal with them and not just telling them to get off home. There is no middle ground now.”

Sleaford Police are speaking with the buildings’ owners who are trying to secure it further.