Police warn over spate of “distraction thefts” in Sleaford

Police crime news.
Police crime news.

Police are looking for a man suspected of involvement in a spate of “distraction thefts”, the latest being an iPhone 6 stolen from a reception in Sleaford yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.

A man described as tall, having dark skin and hair, being well dressed and having a foreign accent, is believed to have stolen phone the from the reception desk at about 3.30pm.

Cash, bank cards, purses and bags have also been stolen from motorists who have been duped into helping the suspect.

PCSO Josh Fulker said: “We believe this male has been involved in other distraction style thefts around Sleaford recently.

“In all of these incidents, the victim has been approached by someone, speaking in broken English, who has asked for directions and, on some occasions, then produced a map which they have unfolded on another car.

“Some of the victims have then got out of their car to help give directions.

“Whilst they are distracted, a second person has removed bank cards, cash, purses or bags from the boot or passenger seat of the victim’s car.

“In many of the incidents, the victim has not realised they have been a victim of crime until they returned home or the offenders have attempted to use the stolen cards.”

Before offering help in similar circumstances, Lincolnshire Police would advise everyone to:

• Ensure doors and windows are locked if leaving the car for any amount of time.

• Keep all belongings either with you or out of sight.

• If you choose to help with such requests, be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

• If something doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts. Politely say you cannot help and drive away.

Anyone with information about the crimes is asked to call police on 101.