Police warning: scam callers targeting residents about suspect phone bills and fake accidents

Beware of bogus scam calls
Beware of bogus scam calls

Lincolnshire Police are warning about two common scam calls which are targeting residents in the Sleaford area at the moment.

A Police spokesman said they had received reports about suspicious, potentially scam phone calls from an 0800 number, where the caller claims to have been involved in a road accident. The call is disconnected when challenged.

In a second suspected scam, the caller claims to be from BT, wishing to speak about a recent telephone bill, warning that you will be disconnected within the next few hours. The caller again hangs up when questioned further.

Sharon Horne from Lincolnshire Police warns: “If you receive a telephone call from an unknown caller, where an attempt is made to discuss money, or obtain bank details do not respond.

“Always ignore any suspicious emails, letters, phone calls or SMS text messages. Press delete or simply hang up the telephone.

“If you receive a suspicious telephone call, email or text message report any details you may have to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via www.actionfraud.police.uk . Or contact Lincolnshire Police on 101.”

Further scam prevention information can be found on the website www.oprepeat.co.uk .