Police zero tolerance threat to shoplifters


Sleaford police are launching a campaign of zero tolerance against shoplifters locally.

Pc Keith McLardy of the Neughbourhood Policing Team said: “We have had enough and the shop keepers have had enough of these prolific shoplifters in the town who are constantly in court. In future they will be receiving banning orders specific premises following any further misdemeanours.

“If they enter that shop we could be proceeding with a burglary charge which is a more serious offence.

“I have been at court speaking out for the retailers who are losing money hand over fist and need to see something positive because they are getting a little disheartened.

“They have got my assurances from Lincolnshire Police that we will deal with it - we are on the side of the retailer.”

He said some were stealing to feed drug habits, although there was not a serious drug-related crime problem locally. He hoped the message would soon spread as the district was still the safest in England. There had been successful arrests in relation to recent bike thefts and burglaries.