Pregnant teen in drunken brawl

Court News.
Court News.

A pregnant teenager has been banned from Sleaford for six months, after a brawl during a night out.

Tyla Leigh Hudson, 19, of Wimberley Way, South Witham, admitted assault by beating, committed at Southgate, Sleaford on September 20.

The teenager who is currently pregnant, is already subject to an electronic curfew, after a community order was imposed on October 15 for an offence of ABH.

Kiran Patel of Lincolnshire Probation said Hudson had been complying with her order, and pointed out that this offence pre-dated its imposition. He recommended a ban from Sleaford, where both of Hudson’s offences took place, as an addition to her current six month community order.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, outlined how between 3am and 3.20am, Hudson and the victim of the assault were both part of a group that had been on a night out in Sleaford. After they became separated, Hudson received a call from the victim saying she had found Hudson’s boyfriend.

However, on finding her boyfriend and the complainant, Hudson accused the latter of ‘getting off with him’, and punched her.

She then pulled the victim to the ground by her hair, and scratched her to the face, neck and back. The victim managed to get away, and after running home called the police. As well as the scratch marks, she suffered a bruised eye and pain in her right socket and headaches for around three weeks.

During police interview, Hudson said she couldn’t remember the incident due to being drunk at the time.

Defending Hudson, Neil Sands said that he believed the suggestion put forward by probation, banning Hudson from Sleaford, would be ‘the right way forward’.

Mr Sands explained that as well as being where Hudson usually went on nights out, her partner and family also lived in Sleaford, and therefore it would be considered a punishment and deterrent against further offending. He also highlighted that his client had not committed any further offences since, and was not drinking while pregnant.

Agreeing to the six month ban as part of a community order, chairman of Grantham magistrates, Ian McDonnell, said: “There is CCTV and they will know what you look like.”

Hudson must also pay £200 in compensation to the victim, £40 towards prosecution costs, and a £60 victim surcharge. A restraining order preventing her from contacting the victim by any means, was also imposed.