Public warned as hare coursers seen in Sleaford area

Police news.
Police news.

Illegal hare coursers have already been targeting Sleaford area as the season kicks off this autumn.

A Sleaford Police spokesman said yesterday (Wednesday): “Several incidents of hare coursing have been called in today and attended by officers.

“If you see anything suspicious please call 101.”

Police have disbanded a specialist unit dedicated to catching hare coursers but say their neighbourhood teams will focus on this rural crime and maintain “zero tolerance”.

The unit was set up in September 2012 as part of Operation Galileo and almost 350 people were prosecuted up to August 2014.

Chief Supt Stewart Brinn says Lincolnshire Police has been in close contact with the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) to develop its response to hare coursing in 2015.

He said: “While there has been a dedicated team of officers in the past, the truth is that the size of the county works against enforcement by a small number of officers.

“As a result we have decided to expand the policing response to encompass the entirety of the neighbourhood policing teams which already service the areas blighted by hare coursing.

“They will be better able to get to incidents quickly and they will have local knowledge of the area and the community. This is a different approach but our aim remains the same: zero tolerance.

“We promote Lincolnshire as a no-go area for coursers. Where we have the power to do so we will seize dogs and vehicles.

“The key is getting in early to exclude people from the county.”