Scams warning from police


Police and Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators are warning about a number of scams doing the rounds in the area at the moment.

One internet scam refers to the phone and internet brand Talk Talk.

The messages are saying you have not paid your bill and you will be cut off if you don’t follow the email and enter your payment details. If you are a TalkTalk user do not respond to this email. If you are unsure contact TalkTalk direct in your usual way and check with them that your account is okay.

Police are also warning about telephone scams. Two of the most common scams are lottery and prize draw scams, where victims are told they have won a large cash prize but are asked to send send some sort of fee to release it.

Be cautious - no genuine lottery or competition would ask you to send money to claim a prize.

There are also courier scams. Scammers call the victim claiming to be from their bank, to tell them their debit or credit card needs collecting. The scammer then instructs the victim to hang up and call their bank in order to verify this is a genuine request. However, the criminal stays on the line tricking the person into thinking they’re calling the bank. The fraudster will then ask the victim to disclose their PIN number before sending a courier to collect the card. The victim is told the card is going to the bank to be changed, but actually the scammer keeps it and uses it to buy goods or take money from the victim’s account.

If you receive a similar call, end the conversation, say no, put the telephone receiver down. Then leave it down for at least five minutes to disconnect the call completely.

If you answer a call on your mobile telephone, say no, end the call, do not connect again for at least five minutes.

If you receive a similar telephone call report details to Lincolnshire Police, call 101.

For more information visit: or call 0300 123 2040 or