Scrap metal collectors caught in Billinghay fined for not having right papers

The scales of justice
The scales of justice

Two scrap metal collectors caught operating in Billinghay without the correct paperwork have been fined at Lincoln Magistrates Court.

John Winter, 24, of Montgomery Road, Newark and Timothy Harry Drury, 23, of Gopher Road, Newark both pleaded guilty under the Environment Protection Act 1990 to failing to provide waste transfer notes on request from North Kesteven District Council, and under the Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989 for failing to produce a waste carrier’s licence when requested by a police officer.

On January 31 this year Winter and Drury were stopped by police in Heckington after allegations of theft had been made in Billinghay. Their case was referred to North Kesteven District Council after they failed to show the relevant paperwork for the carriage of scrap metal.

Both men were found guilty of their offences and given fines from Lincoln Magistrates Court.

Winter was ordered to pay total of £379, broken down as a £133 fine, £150 court costs and £96 victim surcharge.

Drury was ordered to pay a total of £300, broken down as a £120 fine, £150 costs and £30 victim surcharge.

Neither of the men were found guilty of a third offence under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 of carrying on a business as a scrap metal collector in the district without a license.

After the case, Peter Burley, NKDC’s Executive Board Member with a special interest in enforcement, said: “All collectors of waste must carry with them a waste carriers’ licence, and be prepared to present this when asked. If they are collecting metal they must also have a scrap metal dealer’s licence displayed in their windscreen and if they are operating in North Kesteven, this must be issued by NKDC.

“That collector should also verify the identity of the person handing the metal before accepting it. And in all cases the person handing over the waste must check to make sure all of those licences are in order, otherwise they too could face prosecution for not making the proper checks.”

Anyone wishing to apply for a Scrap Metal Dealer’s License should do so via the website