Sleaford area garage boss ordered to pay over £4,000 for failing to provide correct waste documents

Court news.
Court news.

Business owners are being reminded that they need to have legal documents for waste transfer avilable for inspection after a garage boss was caught out by council officials.

Dan Whiting, 28, of Hudson Way, Grantham, was found guilty in his absence at Lincoln Magistrates Court on Friday, September 22 of failing to produce waste transfer documents on request of a council officer and failing to comply with a Community Protection Notice, section 48 on anti-social behaviour.

The court heard that Whiting runs a garage site, DJW Motor Vehicle Repairs, on the A17 at North Rauceby, where he also modifies vehicles for racing.

He was sent a notice to produce his waste transfer notes in regards to the waste produced at the garage, which is the responsibility for all businesses to comply with, but he failed to do so, despite reminders being sent.

Whiting was also requested to tidy the land and premises up as stated in the Community Protection Notice. He was given a warning first before being issued with the notice, but he still failed to comply.

He was fined £1,000 for each offence (£2,000 in total) and ordered to pay a £100 victim surcharge and £2,109.34 in costs.

The court also ordered that he carry out works which the council specified in the Community Protection Notice, which are:

* All the vehicles in your control, are moved off any grassed land onto hard standing, to prevent the detrimental effect your conduct is having on the environment and locality.

* Restrict access to the public by placing vehicles that are damaged, in a state of dis-repair, or dismantled in a secure compound, to reduce the detrimental effect your conduct is having on the safety of the public

* Control all waste produced by you and your employees at DJW Motor vehicle repairs, Mass Murder Motorsport, and vehicles in your control as not to be visually detrimental to the environment and locality.

The court order must be complied with by November 30.

After the hearing Coun Peter Burley, NKDC Executive Board member with special interest in enforcement, commented: “Court action is only ever taken as a last resort when all other avenues have been exhausted. It’s in the public interest we pursue these prosecutions to protect our district.

“In this case, we’d tried to liaise with the business owner but he did not comply.

“If we ask for documents to be produced it is for a reason and cannot be ignored.

“Anyone who has a request from us for information must respond within the timeframe allowed to avoid further action being taken.”