Smoking in van costs workman £300

A NEWARK man has been convicted for failing to check the credentials of a waste disposal service which later fly-tipped rubbish near Sleaford.

After an investigation by North Kesteven District Council’s environmental protection team, David Parker, who runs Newark Pat Services, pleaded guilty to failing to take care commercial waste was properly disposed of. In this case it was building waste and personal mail from a house refurbishment in Grantham, which were later dumped at Green Lane, Brant Broughton.

Magistrates at Grantham found that Mr Parker failed to make reasonable checks to ensure that the person he passed on the commercial waste to for disposal was authorised to accept it. He was ordered to pay £515, consisting of a £200 fine, £300 court costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

North Kesteven District Council is stressing the importance of complying with smoke-free legislation after successfully prosecuting two men smoking in a work vehicle in the district, five years after the law took effect.

Lighting up in a work van cost Michael Whitehead of Hebden Walk, Grantham, £300 after his case was heard at Lincoln Magistrates, whilst his passenger who was also smoking in the van, paid only £30 after admitting the offence and making prompt payment on a fixed penalty notice.

As part of the July 2007 legislation, work vehicles are classified as places of work, with the restriction covering driver and passengers.

In this case, on May 8, an NKDC environmental health technical officer saw two men smoking in a work van. Both were issued with a fixed penalty notice at a cost of £50, reduced to £30 if paid within 15 days.

The passenger paid up within 29 days but Mr Whitehead didn’t and, after ignoring reminder letters, was prosecuted by NKDC, which resulted in magistrates fining him £200 – the maximum sum – and ordering £85 costs contribution and £15 victim surcharge. The case was proved in his absence after he failed to attend the hearing.