Solar panels stolen from farm in Brant Broughton

A solar development
A solar development

Police are warning farmers and businesses to be vigilant after two reports of thefts of panels from solar farms in the county.

A total of 58 solar panels were stolen from a farm at Brant Broughton overnight between Monday and Tuesday, according to Lincolnshire Police. Refer to incident 216 of March 17.

Another 66 panels, plus all the associated converters and electrics, were stolen from a field near White Cross, in Sutton St James, between 5pm on Saturday March 14 and 7.30am on Monday morning.

Police say the thieves appear to be targeting isolated locations and owners of such PV arrays are advised to take all possible precautions. Keep gates securely locked to limit vehicular access to fields, check your sites regularly and consider other options such as security lighting and CCTV.

Contact your local Crime Reduction Officer by calling 101 for specialist advice.