‘Stop using our doorstep as a toilet’ - plea

Nag's Head Passage - being treated as a loo by pub-goers. EMN-140930-120723001
Nag's Head Passage - being treated as a loo by pub-goers. EMN-140930-120723001

A Sleaford couple are appealing for something to be done about drunken revellers using the alley in front of their home as a toilet.

Tom Cameron, 37, of Nag’s Head Passage, said he and his partner moved into the terraced cottage about 18 months ago from another part of town, but since then their lives have been made miserable by drinkers caught short while out on the town at weekends urinating (or even worse) outside their doorstep.

Mr Cameron said he is met with the smell outside in the morning and sometimes it has even run under the door and into the house.

He said: “It’s unreal. They must be urinating up people’s doors and I have contacted the district council and the police about but it is still going on.”

On one occasion he noticed someone doing it and dashed outside in his underpants to give chase, but could not catch him.

Both of the couple are unemployed and suffer from mental health problems and are appealing for help from the authorities after repeated calls.

He suggested footage from the nearby CCTV cameras could be used to catch the culprits.

“Now it’s not just at weekends and we have to clean it up,” he said. “I feel it is getting personal now because we are the only ones who shout at them. It is the women who are more nasty about it.”

PCSO Alice Harris, from the Neighbourhood Policing Team, said they were aware of these issues and do patrol the area.

“I know the male in question who has made the complaint, and he regularly stops me in the street to tell me that the issues are still occurring,” she said. “I repeatedly ask him to contact 101 when someone has been causing problems, so I can follow up on the CCTV footage. I have not seen any further reports or information from the male so I have been unable to follow up any enquiries.”

A spokesman for North Kesteven District Council said the matter had not yet been referred to the district’s Anti-social Behaviour Team as it was firstly a police 

○ Have you witnessed such incidents? If so, you can call police on 101.