Threatening scam caller

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POLICE are issuing advice to residents who may have been targeted by a particularly threatening scam phone caller.

Richard Higgs and his wife Margaret say they usually shrug off callers trying various scams but the latest was particularly nasty and upsetting.

Mr Higgs, of Heckington, explained the caller claims to be from Microsoft Windows and says there is a virus on your computer. “If you accept that, they take you to a ‘spam’ file on your computer which shows you there have been thousands of incidents. They say you are at risk and try to obtain your details and passwords and that sort of thing in order to correct the fault. But when you refuse they become really offensive. My wife is a head strong woman but even she is upset by this.”

The hoax became aggressive and claimed he would send a virus to damage their computer and even threatened to kill Mr Higgs. The matter has been reported to the police.

Det Sgt Ian Jarman, Head of Economic Crime said computer firms do not do unsolicited emails or phone calls for personal or financial information, or to fix your computer. Anyone who receives suspicious calls or emails is encouraged to contact Action Fraud who collate information on a national level. “At no point should you give out any personal information. If unsure, hang up the phone and/or delete the email.”