‘Truly stupid’ - police threaten to prosecute after reports of school children grabbing hold of MOVING TRAINS at Rauceby station


Police and Sleaford school leaders have issued a warning to parents after receiving alarming reports that reckless pupils have been grabbing hold of moving trains.

A statement has been issued to parents by the principal of St George’s Academy, Laranya Caslin, who said that today (Wednesday) she had received the “alarming” complaint from British Transport Police.

She said: “Several St George’s students have been identified as jumping onto or grabbing hold of moving trains as they pull in and leave Rauceby station.

“Understandably, the officers are very concerned for the safety of our students who could easily fall under the moving train.”

She said the police force has asked the school to inform parents that an officer will now be on duty at the station, adding: “Anyone caught participating in this extremely dangerous activity will be prosecuted.

“If your child uses the Rauceby train station, we would urge you to speak with them about this incident and explain the severity of it.”

Disapproving parents were staggered by the dangerous behaviour shared on a local Facebook page and one commented “Truly stupid, idiotic kids here, not to mention bloody selfish, if one of them kills themselves, the trauma for the poor railway train staff.”

Ms Caslin told The Standard: ”We have emailed parents this afternoon to urge that they speak to their child and we have also arranged for a strongly worded announcement to be made to all students tomorrow morning (Friday). The police have said that they will attend the station and intervene as necessary. We always work closely with the police and will support in whatever way we can.

“We will be doing some follow up work with students relating to keeping safe through our life skills programme next week.”