Warning to keep away from Bass maltings

Bass Maltings EMN-140423-105944001
Bass Maltings EMN-140423-105944001

Sleaford police are becoming concerned about an increasing number of calls in relation to youths and adults entering the Bass Malting buildings without permission.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team warn the intruders are potentially putting themselves in danger due to the extremely poor conditions of the buildings which are stood empty awaiting the start of redevelopment by Avant Homes.

PCSO Amy Michie explained: “The majority of people being found in the buildings are youths.

“They have been witnessed to be running across RSJ’s and rotten walkways at the very top of the buildings.”

The Policing Team strongly advise people to stay out of the buildings or risk putting their lives in danger and potentially the lives of emergency services who would then have to enter the buildings in an emergency.

People are asked to report anything suspicious in the area to police on 101.