Ways to report drink and drug drivers

Enjoy alcohol responsibly.
Enjoy alcohol responsibly.

Lincolnshire Police has launched its summer drink and drug drive campaign with guidance on how people can alert officers about people driving illegally under the influence of drink or drugs.

In non-emergency cases, it says people can report them via text message. This can be do by texting the work DRINK or DRUG to 80800.

The message should carry details of:

n Who the person is and/or the vehicle registration

n Where the person is or will be drinking

n When the person is likely to drive

The force says it will use the information to stop, arrest, and process the driver through the courts.

However, if anyone sees a drink or drug driver actually driving, they are urged to treat it as an emergency and call 999.

Gill Finn, community safety officer with Lincolnshire Police, said: “Drivers are reminded that we will be carrying out roadside checks at all times of the day, including the mornings, and we now carry drug testing kits, so drivers can be tested accurately at the roadside for drugs.”