Woman accused of assisted suicide was ‘more like a child’, says sister

Lincoln Crown Court.
Lincoln Crown Court.

A Lincolnshire woman accused of assisting the suicide of her best friend was “more like a child” than a normal 21-year-old, a jury was told today (Monday).

Amelia Caller, of Heckington Road, Great Hale, now 22, is alleged to have provided an item which her best friend, Emma Crossman, 21, used to kill herself. Miss Crossman, 21, was found dead at her home in Leicester Street, Sleaford, on the morning of January 15, last year.

A jury at Lincoln Crown Court this morning heard evidence from Miss Caller’s older sister, Fiona.

Fiona, 26, told the jury Milly, as she referred to her younger sister, was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2005 but had not suffered a blackout since the death of their father in 2005.

Asked what kind of 21-year-old woman Milly was, Fiona replied: “Very quiet, not like a 21-year-old, more like a child.” Fiona added. “She is not like a normal outgoing 21-year-old, she used to get bullied quite a lot, and come running to me or mum.”

Fiona told the court Milly left school at 16 and went to college in Sleaford to study child care but then had to leave because of her epilepsy and undertook confidence training.

Asked who was the stronger personality between Emma and Milly, Fiona answered: “Definitely Emma.” Fiona told the jury the two girls had become friends at 16 when they lived in the same village.

Fiona added: “She (Emma) knew how to get things from Milly, to manipulate her.” Fiona told the court Milly had mentioned to her about Emma talking about suicide but it was “quite a while” before her death.

When asked if Milly believed Emma would take her own life Fiona replied: “I didn’t think she believed she would, I don’t think anybody believed she would go through with it.”

Asked if Milly would want anybody close to her to come to harm Fiona said: “No, definitely not.” She added: “Because she was bullied a lot, she (Milly) saw Emma as her only friend.”

Caller denies assisting in the suicide of Emma Crossman between January 12 and 15, 2014 in a charge brought under the 1961 Suicide Act.

The trial continues.