Woman driver jailed for three months for trying to lie her way out of speeding fine

Speed camera.
Speed camera.

Police are using a case to highlight the issue of trying to lie your way out of a speeding offence.

Penelope Evans, 47, of Este Road, London, initially claimed that a friend had been driving her car when it was found to be exceeding the 30 mile per hour limit on December 14 2013, on Main Road, Anwick. Evans claimed that her friend had since moved to New Zealand.

After being presented with the evidence uncovered by the investigating officers on the dedicated enquiry team, which found that the friend named was not now in New Zealand, and had not been driving the car at the time of the offence, Evans pleaded guilty. She was sentenced on Monday October 13 at Lincoln Crown Court to three months in prison for perverting the course of justice.

This is the third case in Lincolnshire in the space of six weeks where offenders have been handed custodial sentences for perverting the course of justice in similar circumstances. In total the three offenders have been sentenced to 12 months in prison.

After the case Chief Inspector Phil Baker said: “This is a clear example of where the relatively minor offence of speeding escalates into a very serious matter. Perverting the course of justice very often results in a custodial sentence so you will effectively go to prison for trying to lie your way out of a speed awareness course. It is just not worth it. We are astounded that people still think they can get away with it and are seemingly unaware of the dire consequences. We have a wealth of investigative techniques we can use, and if you lie, there’s every chance we will catch you out.”