Youths caught in disused manor

Police news.
Police news.

Three youths have been caught by police breaking into an empty building 
in Heckington, local councillors have heard.

According to reports from local police at
Monday night’s Heckington Parish Council meeting, three photography students were caught by officers entering the derelict Heckington Manor, in Cowgate.

Police say the youths were dealt with and reported to North Kesteven District Council’s anti-social behaviour 

Sleaford police have also received reports 
that youths have been 
going into the old 
Corn Exchange building on the Market Place in Sleaford.

The Sleaford Neighbourhood Policing Team cautioned against such actions.

A spokesman for 
the team said: “This building is extremely unsafe 
and we would ask if you know anybody going 
in there that you strongly advise them against