Youths - do not disturb elderly residents with pranks, warn police

Heckington Windmill. EMN-150304-100807001
Heckington Windmill. EMN-150304-100807001

Police are warning youngsters in Heckington to stop their anti-social antics which are upsetting elderly residents.

PCSO Patrick Welby of the Sleaford policing team said they have had a couple of complaints of children aged 12-13 playing ‘Knock door run’ around elderly people’s homes in the village.

He said: “If you know who they are tell them to stop. Or better still tell us we are happy to chat to them.”

He said: “All they are doing is disturbing the older residents there. We started with light-hearted warnings, but if they don’t stop we will have to have words with them.”

They take it particularly seriously as it is a ‘No cold calling zone’ where people should not be disturbed by unexpected callers.

PCSO Welby said: “I know it seems funny but they realise a bang on the door late at night around 9.30-10pm can frighten a person in their eighties or nineties and that’s not funny.”

There had also been a number of occasions in the summer holidays where officers had had to disperse young people gathering on the bridges spanning the A17 at Sleaford and Heckington and throwing things from the windows inside the Maltings where they are not permitted as it is private property and dangerous inside.