Did you see a UFO on Saturday?

DID you see a strange glowing object in the night’s sky last week?

Mrs Sheila Tebbutt, of North Parade, Sleaford, woke up at around 1.30am on Saturday morning and looked out of her window, facing over the fields, when she saw what looked like two bright silvery round shapes travelling across the sky.

The two strange unidentified objects were hovering around 50ft up, one slightly higher than then other, and after travelling across the sky they disappeared out of her eye shot towards the railway bridge.

Mrs Tebbutt assured that she isn’t the drinking type as she had only had a small tote of medicinal brandy at the time before bed, and that she tried to wake her husband John to tell him what she had seen, but he slept on through and when she told him in the morning, he didn’t believe her.

She said: “Surely someone else must have seen it? I just had a look out of the window looking for our cat, and there it was.”

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