Domestic bliss

An image of domestic bliss. EMN-151203-114310001
An image of domestic bliss. EMN-151203-114310001

Families living in the Sleaford area have revealed an insight into what they feel is the key to domestic bliss, according to new research.

East Midlands families spend 12 hours together each week. Having everyone’s favourite foodeating together, discussing plans and giving everyone their own chores are among the top ways that families keep homes running smoothly.

A study of 2,000 British families, commissioned by Origin, found having fast Wi-Fi and everyone making an effort to pick their clothes up off the floor also go a long way. More than two thirds felt in definite need of more space. A conservatory and bigger garden rated highly. A bigger kitchen was top of the wish list.

Andrew Halsall at Origin said: “Whether it’s through physical changes like extending or developing the property, or through making a conscious effort to do things together more, building that home environment clearly leads to happiness.

“While increasing the size of a property is not always possible, changes such as opening up the home to the garden or letting in more light can create a feeling of additional space, without having to extend or move.”