A daily mile walk for pupils - and parents

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-191203-114215001

With childhood obesity being a national health crisis, Kirkby La Thorpe School have decided to tackle the issue head-on - with a daily one-mile walk around the school for all pupils - and the parents who wish to join them.

The initiative, which began on February 25, will continue every day during term-time until the end of the year.
A school spokesman said to parents: “With Government reports of one in three 11-year-olds leaving school overweight, now is the time for action. It is widely known that children are less active, have limited opportunity to participate in extra-curricular sports and games and are generally making more sedentary choices. They need your input to kick this habit. Your child needs you to set the example and show them that healthy lifestyle choices are critically important. So, come daily, come three times a week, or just one day, and give your child the chance to run or walk each morning, allowing them to feel the benefits of a regular heart and lung workout. By joining them, challenging them, trying to out-run them, you’ll only inspire them further, shaping long-lasting, positive attitudes towards exercise and well-being.

“If you can’t stay, then escort your child safely into school and staff carrying out the mile will ensure they are cared for. Come and join the movement.”