It’s the Mini Police - new recruits sworn in

Headteacher Helen Duckett and her new Mini Police at Winchelsea School, Ruskington. EMN-181019-120037001
Headteacher Helen Duckett and her new Mini Police at Winchelsea School, Ruskington. EMN-181019-120037001

Elections have been taking place in Sleaford area primary schools to select recruits to Lincolnshire Police’s new Mini Police force.

The elections for over 1,000 children are happening in 119 primary schools across the county with the elected officers swearing an oath to uphold the law in front of their classmates as part of the force’s new programme which has been developed since a successful pilot project.

Nine to 11-year-olds have been preparing their own speeches, saying why they would like to join up in front of local police officers, teachers and other children from their school. Their classmates then get to vote for who they think will do the best job.

As a Mini Police officer, children receive their own uniform and help others at school and people in their local community. Recruits will talk to residents about how to spot scams and challenge people who break speed limits (with supervision). They will learn about bullying, dangers of strangers, CPR and attend community events.

Assistant Chief Constable Shaun West, says: “This is a fantastic programme which gives us the opportunity to talk about what the police do and how they can help their local community.

“One year ago we piloted Mini Police at two schools in Boston and this was such a success that we managed to secure enough funding to work with another 117 schools.”

Winchelsea School in Ruskington is one of the first locally to elect their group of year five pupils.

Headteacher Helen Duckett said PCSO Nic Woolerton helped with the elections. She said: “We are planning to do some projects on road safety, parking, using speed cameras and working in the community advising on keeping belongings safe and registering bikes. They will look at anything to make the community a better place.”

Mini Police Officer Lily Rose commented: “It’s an awesome opportunity. I’m looking forward to going out and doing speed checks. My mum wants to be a policewoman too.”

Billingborough Primary School have also elected their officers and Church Lane School in Sleaford will be doing theirs soon.