Schools do Sleaford proud

Stock images.'Carres Grammar School sign.
Stock images.'Carres Grammar School sign.

Successful Sleaford schools are said to be doing the town proud, with impressive GCSE and A-level performance showing in the latest league tables.

Carre’s Grammar School was third in the county with 96 per cent of students getting five or more GCSE A*-C grades and ranked 14th for A-level average point score per student.

Headteacher Nick Law is ‘more than happy’ as both sets of scores showed an improvement. He added: “My students and staff worked really hard and we have been improving. We are fortunate to have three outstanding schools in the town, who do the very best for the kids. The town is very proud but we will never sit still and will look at areas we can improve.”

Kesteven and Sleaford High School was ranked 7th in the county for A-level average point score per student and 5th in the county table for schools whose pupils had achieved five A*-C GCSEs including English and maths.

Headteacher Craig Booker said it was a result of hard work by staff and students and was a big positive for the school. He said they had avoided exams now ruled out of league tables – an issue said to have affected others nationally.

Wayne Birks, the new principal of St George’s Academy, said the data showed really good results for parents and students generally across Sleaford. “For St George’s our value-added score is over 1,000 at GCSE meaning progress is good. We are in line with similar schools nationally for A-level and above the national average for GCSEs. Performance in vocational subjects is really good too.”

The school saw 49 per cent of pupils gain five or more GCSEs graded A*-C.

Having seen 46 per cent of students achieve at least 5 A*-C grades including maths and English at GCSE, Mark Guest, headteacher of Sir William Robertson Academy at Welbourn, said: “In a year when GCSE results have dropped by 7 per cent across Lincolnshire and nearly 6 per cent nationally, we are delighted to have delivered an improvement in our results at GCSE in 2014. This is down to a huge amount of hard work and commitment from our staff and students.”