Three-school joint sixth form set to return

Stock images.'Carres Grammar School sign.
Stock images.'Carres Grammar School sign.

Six years after Sleaford’s three-school Joint Sixth Form was broken up it looks set to return as part of a new Multi-Academy Trust partnership.

It was announced this week that the governors of Carre’s Grammar School intend to create the Carre’s Grammar School Multi-Academy Trust and that Kesteven and Sleaford High School Selective Academy has indicated it would like to join the new trust.

Stock images.'Kesteven and Sleaford High School sign.

Stock images.'Kesteven and Sleaford High School sign.

The two schools would continue to operate on their current sites, sharing facilities and staff.

As part of the new partnership it is envisaged that a three school Sleaford Joint Sixth Form, also including St George’s Academy, would be available for students from September 2016. The previous Joint Sixth Form, which was originally established in 1983, was broken up in 2010 when the High School opted to run its own, separate sixth form. Carre’s and St George’s have continued to operate a joint sixth form.

Commenting on the proposed multi-academy trust, Carre’s headteacher Nick Law said: “We see there are many economies of scale to be achieved by working together more closely. At the same time we want to retain each school as a separate entity so we can preserve its own unique identity and ethos.

“Both schools are rightfully proud of their friendly atmosphere and relatively small size – these will remain, but by joining together in a multi-academy trust we will be able to benefit from the shared resources that come from two schools with a total pupil population of 1600.”

Headteacher of KSHSSA, Craig Booker, said: “This represents a tremendous opportunity for both schools. We envisage that there will be lots of ways in which we can work more closely together for the benefit of all of our pupils.

“Shared opportunities for professional development of our staff, joint extra-curricular activities, such as trips, drama productions and the Duke of Edinburgh Award, are just some of the immediate benefits we can see happening.”

The High School will now consult with its key stakeholders to ascertain their views, while Carre’s Grammar School Trust, in conjunction with KSHSSA, will be submitting a business case to the Department for Education seeking permission to create the new multi-academy trust.

Both schools say the trust will assist them achieve their joint long term aim to become a co-educational grammar school on a new site when ‘it is reasonably possible’.

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