VIDEO: Watch fantastic sporting gesture as boys share honours in running race at school sports day

Staff and parents at a village primary school were bowled over by the unselfish spirit of four friends who agreed to cross the finish line hand in hand and share the spoils at sports day.

Everyone cheering on the Year Four boys’ running race at Digby C of E Primary school were amazed when Sam Bell, James Hodson, Dylan Goddard and Ben Drysdale set off down the track together, pausing to cross the line to share the first place medals.

Mum Wendy Drysdale explained: “It is a very small school with only around 80 pupils in total from Reception to Year 6, with just three classes for all seven years.

“My eldest son Ben, aged nine, is in Year 4 which comprises of four boys, Ben, Sam, James and Dylan, and about ten girls.

“Each year at sports day, the Year 4 boys running race tends to be predictable with either Ben or Sam winning, with medals only ever given out to first place. As a result, James and Dylan have never won a medal throughout their time at Digby School.”

Up until now, Wendy always thought Ben was very competitive, always wanting to win. But two weeks ago Ben and the other boys decided that they would run at the same pace and cross over the finish line together and share first place.

On Friday July 6 the boys surprised the whole school as they ran their race, arms linked, pausing before all stepping over the finish line together; to the sound of great cheers and claps.

Wendy said: “I am so proud of what Ben and his friends did.

“When competing to win is at the forefront of the whole country at the moment, it also highlights the strong values that the school promotes.

Ben said: “I just wanted my friends to have the chance to win a medal, it didn’t seem fair that it was always me and Sam getting medals.”

Executive headteacher Graham Boyall said: “I was at the finishing line on Sports Day and I had no idea that the boys had planned to cross the line together. It was a lovely thing to do, showing such a sporting, caring and thoughtful attitude. The parents who were watching burst into a spontaneous round of applause. It summed up Digby School’s Christian ethos, underpinned by our values of Respect, Honesty and Friendship. I felt so proud of the boys.”