Election interviews – Ross Pepper – Liberal Democrat – ‘Voters should decide on deal’

In the run-up to the General Election we have been interviewing the parliamentary candidates to learn their views on issues affecting the Sleaford and North Hykeham constituency.

Liberal Democrat Ross Pepper gives three key reasons for a vote for him. He would be fighting to give people a final say on the Brexit deal and staying in the Single Market; ensuring the NHS is properly staffed and funded; and opposing school funding cuts.

The marketing consultant from Lincoln said that now more than ever local people needed a strong local voice to represent them on key matters and local issues while not always toeing the party line.

On Brexit he said the Liberal Democrats would make sure people get a referendum on the final deal. He said: “It is our lives affected and we will be living with the consequences.”

He added that it was also vital to allow EU citizens working within the NHS to remain to prevent a skills shortage. On top of that, he said an extra penny on income tax would generate £6 billion to go into the NHS and social care system, plus there would be additional support for carers.

Mr Pepper added: “We want to set up a cross-party body to look after our NHS. It should be above politics, to find a long-term plan.”

He was against the Government’s method of reviewing education funding, saying it should be adequately funded wherever you are and school budgets needed to be protected from wage rises and inflation. He said: “Allow teachers to teach and not keep changing the curriculum and cutting their resources.”

With the county economy heavily reliant on the road network, Mr Pepper felt this infrastructure had barely been updated for many years and he would be calling for improvements.

He said: “On June 8 it is about a choice for Sleaford and North Hykeham to have a brighter, fairer future by making sure there is someone with a positive outlook for the county.”

○ The other candidates standing are Caroline Johnson (Conservative), Sally Chadd (UKIP), Jim Clarke, (Labour), Paul Coyne (Independent) and Fiona McKenna (Green).