Councils do battle with fly-tippers

Fly tipping in North Kesteven EMN-141121-101204001
Fly tipping in North Kesteven EMN-141121-101204001

Measures to tackle the growing problem of fly-tipping are proving more successful in North and South Kesteven than in most other parts of the country.

While incidents of fly-tipping across the country have increased over the past year by 20 per cent, both North Kesteven District Council and South Kesteven District Council say they are defying the national trend.

In North Kesteven there has been a slight increase in the number of fly-tipping incidents, a rise of five per cent, but NKDC points out that this is 15 per cent below the national average.

In South Kesteven there has actually been a decrease in the amount of fly-tipping, with SKDC reporting that CCTV is helping them to battle the problem.

The council has installed cameras in both urban and rural areas, including at a previous fly-tipping hot spot on Green Lane in 

Since cameras were installed 12 months ago there have been no incidents.