Fly tipping failure leads to court charges

Court News.
Court News.

A Brant Broughton man has been fined for fly tipping charges after he refused to give up information about the alleged culprits claiming he felt ‘threatened’.

General household waste and children’s clothing were left on the side of Navenby Road, Bassingham in March 2016.

Despite numerous attempts to place blame on another and failure to attend court following initial investigations, Ricky Rocky Holland, 29, of Lincoln Road, Brant Broughton, was found guilty on Monday, November 28, at Lincoln Magistrates Court on two charges:

The first was failing to make reasonable checks to ensure his waste was transferred to someone authorised to accept it, according to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 section 34(2a). The second was failing to comply with a request for information, according to the Environment Act 1995 section 110.

Mr Holland was charged £240 with costs of £600 and a victim surcharge of £20, to be paid at £10 a week.

In response to his charges, Mr Holland said that he wasn’t aware there was a duty on him to ensure that any waste was only transported by someone with the appropriate licence, and, although blaming someone else for the flytipping, the reason he didn’t pass on any further information about the person who he claimed had supposedly deposited the waste was because he felt threatened.

* Mark Taylor, Head of Service for Environment and Public Protection said after the case: “It is a message we repeatedly share with our residents and visitors. Making the relevant checks that your waste is transferred by an authorised person to do so is vital, and is the difference between it reaching an appropriate waste centre or the side of a road – resulting in the owner, as in this case being charged.

“We take fly tipping seriously, and have added CCTV at hotspots and Fixed Penalty Notices to our armoury in recent months.”

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