Fungi hunt this Sunday

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Two experts are leading fungus hunts this Sunday where you can discover the secrets and stories behind these fascinating gifts of nature.

Walk with Jane Ostler and David Feld through mixed woodlands to discover which ones glow in the dark, which are poisonous and which have stories of intrigue attached. This is a family hunt for fungi through mixed and pine woodland, contributing to long-term studies.

David Feld is not only a mycologist, but also a naturalist in the true sense. Jane Ostler is an experienced mycologist with a wealth of fascinating stories about the fungi.

Bring cameras, wellingtons, wet wipes and join them in the pub afterwards for hot soup.

Meet in the car park of Twyford Wood, near Colsterworth at 10am. It will go on until 12.30pm. It is organised on behalf of the Society of Biology East Midlands and the local West Kesteven Wildlife Watch, the junior part of the Lincolnshire Trust and RSPB Explorers.

Contact Marianne Overton on (Tel: 01400 273323).