Help turn aerosols into gyms

Tesco's Lindsey Tuck and Emma Colley at the collection point.
Tesco's Lindsey Tuck and Emma Colley at the collection point.

The Sleaford branch of supermarket chain Tesco has become one of the UK’s first public collection points for a new aerosols recycling scheme.

Dubbed Aerocycle, the initiative allows people to recycle all brands of empty antiperspirant and deodorant aerosols, with the recovered aluminium being used to make outdoor community gyms.

The scheme comes from the antiperspirants and deodorants company Right Guard and sees it working in partnership with TerraCycle and The Great Outdoor Gym Company.

Tesco, in Northgate, is one of 50 initial drop-off locations, the only one in Lincolnshire, for the scheme in the UK.

In addition to providing material for outdoor gyms, for each consignment of about 400 aerosols the store sends into TerraCycle for recycling, £8 will be donated to the Evergreen charity which supports senior citizens in Sleaford.

Roxanne Traves, who will administrate the recycling efforts in Sleaford, said: “We are delighted that Sleaford is one of the first communities in the UK to be accepted on Right Guard’s Aerocycle programme which enables local people to be able to recycle their empty antiperspirant and deodorant aerosols.”

Find the collection box behind the checkouts.