Highways bosses under fire for ‘dangerous’ road surface

Poor road resurfacing on Grantham Road, Sleaford.
Poor road resurfacing on Grantham Road, Sleaford.

HIGHWAYS staff have come under fire after a stretch of road was resurfaced in Sleaford at the weekend leaving it potentially dangerous for cyclists in places.

The stretch of Grantham Road in town heading out to the A15 was resurfaced on Sunday, but road users were concerned about the amount of loose stone chippings still heaped along the road on Monday morning making it dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists as well as likely to damage cars.

Although warning notices were put up in advance, some residents had left their cars on the road, but rather than enlisting the help of the police to get them shifted, the road gangs amazingly spread the chippings around the parked cars, leaving untreated patches at intervals along the road.

Angry Malc Yates, vice-chairman of Sleaford Wheelers cycling club asked: “Who was the irresponsible person who gave the go ahead to dump tons of granite chippings on Grantham Road without tarring them down or brushing the loose chippings off?

“I challenge this idiot to try and ride a cycle or control a motorbike on such a dangerous surface without falling off.”

On our Facebook page Margaret Parker commented: “It’s not finished surely? It’s a complete mess. I feel for the residents who have to park their cars on the road. I saw one today covered in dust.”

Adam Freear, Principal Highways Officer with the county council, said: “All roads are swept within 24 hours, with a second sweep that includes pavements within a week, and a final sweep three months later.

“After the initial sweep on Monday morning, residents should now be able to see the difference. Advanced warning signs were put up and letters were posted twice through people’s doors, however some vehicles hadn’t been moved. We knocked on doors to try and find out who the owners were, but people may have been on holiday. The work will be completed later this week. ”