Motor may help Slea team


The River Slea Clean Up Team may soon have an outboard motor for their boat to help them with their cleaning and clearing tasks.

On hearing that the team was looking for a small outboard motor for the boat, Sleaford Town Council services committee has responded by offering one the council had in storage.

Chairman of the services committee, Garry Titmus, said: “This group of volunteers has made a significant contribution to ensuring that our local waterways are kept cleaner than they otherwise would have been.

“When we heard they were looking to acquire a suitable small outboard motor, it prompted the council to review its assets and we have taken out of storage an electric outboard motor which may well be suitable for use on the group’s boat.

“The only note of caution is that the shaft may be too long for the shallow water experienced in the River Slea during the summer months. The plan is to try it out and, if suitable, we shall be sharing use of the motor with the group.

“If it is not suitable, we will consider part exchanging the motor for one that will be suitable for local use by the council and the group.”