New gas plant is taking shape near village

The biomethane plant in Metheringham under construction. EMN-151015-152327001
The biomethane plant in Metheringham under construction. EMN-151015-152327001

Construction is well under way at Metheringham by German contractor Agraferm Technologies to build its tenth biomethane plant in the UK.

The project in Metheringham is a new gas-to-grid biomethane plant which the company explains will consist of one anaerobic digestor and post digestor and will have an electric capacity of 500kW.

For the plant builder, Metheringham will be one of its smaller plants.

“Plants in this performance class normally require three to four tanks but thanks to our high-load fermentation, Agraferm plants require substantially less tank volume,” explained Chief Technology Officer, Heinrich Schulze Herking.

Future Biogas took on the project for the site off Metheringham Heath Lane from Greenspan Agency after plans were approved by North Kesteven District Council last year. It was then reduced in scale to make it more manageable so that only 45,000 tonnes of maize would be delivered to the site each year instead of the original 140,000 tonnes envisaged to feed the process.

Work is expected to be completed later this year.

Metheringham Parish Council had raised concern during the planning stage about the loss of arable land, the increase in traffic, the complex’s visual impact and sustainability of the project.